Sweet Chaos | A Novel of the Breedline Series | Book 1



Four-year-old identical twins Jace and Jem—born of the Breedline species, a race of humans that have special powers and the gift to change into wolf form—were tragically present when their mother, Katlyn Gray, was murdered. Only one family member the twins had left was their uncle, Katlyn's brother, Jackson. Jackson was found brutally beaten where their mother was murdered and left for dead. No other family members reached out to take the boys after they were found alone, still in the house where their mother lay dead and their uncle unconscious.

A married couple, physicians at the emergency room where the boys are taken to—John and Sarah Chamberlain—instantly fell in love with them and became their foster parents in hopes of later adopting them.

Jackson reunites with his nephews after coming out of a coma three months after his attack and approves of his nephews’ new home with John and Sarah. He lets the couple adopt them only if they promise to let him stay close by the boys and build a relationship as they grow up. Jackson Gray is their only link to what the boys are and what they will become later. The shocking new life they discover has other unknown species and mystical creatures that all must be kept a secret from the human world.

When they are introduced into the Breedline Covenant, they grow up learning all about the Breedline laws and what will happen to them when they reach the age of eighteen.

As they get older, Jace struggled with the loss of his mother and all the flashbacks of her death. His life continues to spin out of control with more devastation when their real father that is possessed by a Chiang-shih demon returns. His brother Jem stands by his side, constantly trying to keep him from self-destruction, and total disaster.

Just when Jace has lost all hope for living, he meets Tessa Fairchild, his Breedline bonded mate. They are instantly captivated by each other, as Tessa feels an alluring, seductive connection towards him. He's also the sexiest man she has ever laid eyes on, but she has been fighting her on own demons trying to figure out why she has been haunted by mysterious dreams about a black wolf since childhood. Plus she is ten years older than him. Why would he want to date an older woman when this sexy, hot, god of a man could have any woman he wants? As Jace tries to win her over, and earn her trust, he finds out Tessa has no knowledge of being born an identical twin and that she is a Breedline species.

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