Total Chaos – A Novel of the Breedline Series | Book 2



With the help of Zadkiel-the angel of mercy-the Breedline species are finally back to their safe haven when Alexander's demon is lifted and Jem's binding spell is removed. Soon after, they discover the demon is not destroyed. Instead, he has possessed his illegitimate half-breed son, Sebastian Crow. Using Sebastian's life, the demon creates a new death army, threatening both humans and Breedline. As the war rages on, the covenant is forced to make choices that put everything-and everyone-at risk.

Tessa Fairchild thought she knew what she was getting into when she mated with the much younger and sexy Jace Chamberlain. During the first change into her Breedline wolf, Tessa discovers she is the next Breedline queen, which brings great responsibility she is not ready for. But when she decides to take on the duty, she's unprepared for Jace's curse. Being born with the gene of the Chiang-shih demon, he must learn to control the beast within him. Owned by this dark side, Jace fears that when his inner beast is unleashed, he will be a danger to everyone around him.

While Jem Chamberlain and his bonded mate, Mia Blackwood, plan their wedding, the death army closes in. Born as the Chiang-shih demon's chosen son, Jem fights his own battles, searching for a way to harness his hidden powers, desperate to save the Breedline species.

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